A Guide to Colourful Singapore

Singapore is unlike anywhere in Southeast Asia. A truly modern country that is also often referred to as the garden of Asia. Singapore is full of immense colours, so I thought it was only fitting to put together my colourful guide of Singapore.

A Colourful Guide to South Korea

South Korea the home of BTS and all things beauty. Like many others, South Korea has been at the top of our travel bucket list ever since visiting Japan 2 years ago. So without further ado, here is my colourful guide to South Korea.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Married at Niagara Falls, Canada

As die-hard American ‘The Office’ fans, when re-watching the series for the 30th time (no exaggeration), we suddenly realised that lovebirds, Jim & Pam elope at Niagara Falls. A couple of Yahoo answers later, we’d found a bit of evidence to suggest that you could elope at Niagara Falls and it wasn’t just TV spin. Fast forward to a couple of months later, when we actually summoned the courage to look into the details, we happened across Hornblower Cruises who offered a number of wedding packages.