A Colourful Guide to Tokyo, Japan

So as many of you know I became a complete Japan-o-phile after visiting a couple of years ago. We were so excited to be travelling back there (as part of our Asia honeymoon tour) so I thought it’d be great to put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) to tell you all about the colourful things we got up to whilst we were visiting Tokyo.

Why You Should Visit Dreamland, Margate

Last week I was kindly invited to the new Dreamland, Margate press opening of 2019! Very exciting stuff as I like to think of myself as a true Dreamland fan. As some of you may know already, we are actually having our elopement/wedding party at Dreamland later on this year.

4 Colourful Places to Visit in Kent

I’m so excited to see that Kent is finally on people’s radars! Kent has some amazing, colourful little nooks that are just waiting to be explored. The coastline has some real gems that definitely rival London. See my top favourite colourful places to visit in Kent here.