5 Weird & Wonderful Things To Do in Japan

1. Sanrio Puroland

I admit that this may seem like a mad suggestion, but if you love the lazy egg Gudetama or Hello Kitty then this place is for you. One of the most kawaii and cute places you can visit whilst staying in Japan. Make sure to make the visit to the Gudetama airport inside! There is also a Florista Doughnuts branch at the station so you can get a cute cat/pig or dog faced doughnut.

2. Studio Ghibli Museum

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the films then watch them now! They are honestly better than any Disney films and nearly always have a female lead. I was so sceptical as I thought they were some Manga crap but they ARE SO GOOD! The museum is a homage to all the films. I also got to sit in a real life cat bus and watch a mini film that has never been seen outside the museum. I had some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G red bean paste balls to eat for lunch so make sure to check those out.

3. Fox Village

Fox Village is based outside Tokyo, but I’m including it in the round-up as it was lovely to have a Bullet Train excursion out to the Japanese countryside for the day. If you like being surrounded with cute fluffy foxes then this is the place for you. In the Spring you can even hold a baby fox!

4. Harajuku

An explosion of colour, Harajuku may seem like an obvious choice but there are some alternative things to do such as visiting the Kawaii Monster Cafe, getting some rainbow candy floss from Totti Candy Factory and getting some Purikura snapshots.

5. Odaiba

There are so many things to do in Odaiba. Look out to rainbow bridge, go on many rides at Joypolis, the indoor theme park, and ride the Pallete Town Big Ferris Wheel to see some impressive sights of Japan.

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