5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Need some new podcasts for the daily commute? I’ve got you covered with my top five podcasts that you should be listening to.

1. The Fringe of It

My newest obsession. Heard of Betty a.k.a Charlotte and Liv Purvis? The two speak about many noteworthy topics such as body image, making friends as an adult and even people pleasing. I could listen to these ladies chinwagging all day! Keep at it ladies.

2. Blogtacular

The podcast that got me into podcasts! Kat Molesworth from Blogtacular interviews the most inspiring people all in the name of blogging. When I ran my small business, I used to love hearing business tips from other small business owners like Lucky Dip Club, Tatty Devine and Lisa Congdon. Kat is so genuinely nice and this totally comes across in her podcasts.

3. Those Gals

Heard of former Miss Westend Girl, now Lynsay Loves? If you follow her on Instagram you’ll know how much she loves Pop Culture so it’s not a shock that her and her BFF Elaine discuss everything from TV to Paul Rudd. You don’t want to miss this adorable podcast!


If you haven’t heard of Emma Gannon yet then where have you been? Emma is an author based in London and has recently starred in a national advertising campaign for Microsoft which talks all about millennial multi-hyphenate careers. Emma chats to her guests about the internet and their illustrious careers. She’s even had the likes of Lena Dunham on the show!

5. Creative Pep Talk

For any fellow creatives out there, Creative Pep Talk is the podcast for any creative entrepreneur/freelancer or any aspiring creative professional. Andy J. Miller adds a real personal touch to the podcast with personal stories and interviews with successful illustrators and artists. He’s even had the likes of Gemma Correll on the show! She spoke about her confusion when starting her career and her fame from pug cartoons.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try The Fringe Of It for weeks. Thanks for the reminder! I like the sound of Creative Pep Talk too so I’ll be adding that one too. Great post!

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