Buying a Plant Subscription: BloomBox Club

For the last year I’ve been receiving a lovely plant subscription from BloomBox Club.

Plants carefully curated to make your indoor and outdoor spaces beautiful, by subscription, delivered every 3 months.

Each quarter you receive a unique plant with the choice of an ornamental, ceramic planter.

Every plant I received, was truly beautiful and unique and really gave off a WOW factor! My first plant was the Crispy Wave Fern, the second was the Aechmea Tayoensis, the third was the Zamioculcas Zenzi and last but certainly not least, the Hoya Australis.

The subscription is available to all plant lovers! Regardless of whether you are a total plant novice or a seasoned house plant extraordinaire. This is because each plant comes with a keepsake plant card, you can also get further plant information from the Plant Hub.

Check out BloomBox Club via their website and Instagram to see all the possible plants that you could receive!

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