Injecting your Home with Colour

It’s very easy to be matchy matchy in this day in age with home decor. Most people don’t like to even wear colour on a daily basis for fear of standing out and the same applies for the home. Where did the notion of a colourful home is a tacky home come from?

As resident oddballs, Lewis and I have always had a bit of a different taste to the average person. Where I have a passion for obtrusively garish colour combinations, Lewis likes things that are just a bit odd.

Our brightest room by far has to be our living room, which shockingly has charcoal flooring and white walls! As it was a blank canvas, it meant that we had the opportunity to blast colour into the other surroundings. Some of my favourite statement pieces are:

Sparrow and Wolf Cushions from Blog Buy and Sale

Doughnut Cushions from Typo Uk

Shark Chair from MADE

Side Tables from Ikea

Blue Metal Locker from Argos

Yellow Sofa and Grey Sofa from MADE


None of these things seem like they have a correlation but actually look suitably nice together. All collected from odd places: Argos children’s section, MADE and of course Ikea! We have lots of independent prints on the walls by the likes of Andy Tuohy, Alex Foster, Red Fries and even super strange records from Japan.

As well as the colour, I love that our home is a direct representation of mine and Lewis’s personalities and journey together!


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  1. Love it! I have a cute red locker from Ikea, def will be keeping an eye out for more in the Argos kids section!

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