5 Things to Do in London in August

1. Visit SCOOP at BMoF

Only open for a limited time, make sure to visit SCOOP at BMoF. An exhibition by Bompas and Parr, this is the UK’s first ice cream exhibition. From glow in the dark ice cream, to an ice cream workshop this exhibition didn’t disappoint.

Check out their Instagram and book tickets to the exhibition here.

2. Visit Gasholders Park

An adorable little park, just a short walk from St Pancras. Check out the mossy lake, I nearly walked straight into it!

3. Eat Ice Cream Sandwiches at MisterFitz

Heard of how Doughnut Time has hit London by storm? Choose from their AMAZING ice cream sandwiches (flavours include: Sean Combs, Takes Two to Mango, John Lemon and Choc-Ella Deville). I chose the John Lemon and it had the most heavenly lemon ice cream.

Check out their Instagram here and see their amazing flavours here.

4. Visit WBTC on Carnaby Street 

One of my favourite shops in London! The most amazing selection of gifts from the likes of And Smile Studio, Rebecca Strickson and Supermundane.

Check out their website here and Instagram here.

5. Visit Serpentine Galleries & Serpentine Lake 

Have you visited the giant Christo temporary sculpture in Hyde Park? The Mastaba will be floating on the Serpentine Lake until 23rd September.

Find out more details here.

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