5 Weekday Meals with Gousto

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been ordering 3 meals with Gousto per week. As you’ve seen from previous posts, I’m not a natural cook and tend to flounder in the kitchen. 

Gousto is a simple recipe box that provides you with all the fresh ingredients you need to cook a homemade meal. Good intentions to cook a homemade meal after a busy days work can crumble, especially when you need to buy x y and z on your way home from the supermarket. Gousto take all the pain away from cooking!


1. Cheddar, Chilli & Mango Naan Toastie with Salad

My favourite meal out of the lot! An amazing Indian Cheese Toastie. Mango Chutney, Fluffy Naan, Cheddar & Salad = Heaven.

Ingredients that I definitely wouldn’t of had in the house: Mango Chutney, Nigella Seeds, White Wine Vinegar and Flaked Almonds.

2. Halloumi Burger & Smokey Tomato Relish

Packed with flavour, this halloumi burger makes a super yummy veggie burger! Steps include barbecuing the halloumi, making a smokey relish sauce and an even better red wine dressing.

Ingredients that I definitely wouldn’t of had in the house: Garlic Clove, Wild Rocket and Red Wine Vinegar.

3. Posh Fish Finger Sandwich. Crunchy Gem and Dill Mayo

A posh fish finger sarnie, made from scratch. Fish fingers coated in cornflour and turmeric for a real golden look. Helped with brioche buns and crunchy gem and dill mayo.

Everyone loves a fish finger sarnie!

4. Chinese Style Beef & Green Pepper Stir-Fry

For someone who is not a fan of meat, this soy sauce, shaoxing wine and hoisin sauce concoction was another firm favourite of mine.

Ingredients that I definitely wouldn’t of had in the house: Hoisin Sauce, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Shaoxing Wine, Fresh Root Ginger and Toasted Sesame Oil Sachet.

5. Smokey Chicken & Red Pepper Fajitas 

A huge favourite in the Collier-Cook household, we learnt how to make our own fajita spice to give our chicken a smokey and spicy flavour. Nom!

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