Booking a Surprise Holiday with

As you may have seen from my Instagram Stories, a couple of months ago Lewis and I booked a surprise holiday with

The premise is a simple one, you select one of their many variations (city breaks in Europe, out of Europe trips and Mediterranean trips) and they do everything else. They select your destination, flights and accommodation! The only thing left for you is transport throughout your stay, how to get to the airport and currency.


Step 1 gives you the option to plan your trip down to the finer details, even though you are unsure on where you are going. use this information to create the most exciting holiday for you!

Step 2Β 

After books your trip they then tease you with the weather forecast a week in advance! After this clue, you then receive your scratch card for the day you travel to the airport.

Step 3

With no planning ahead, minus your trip to the airport! You can now enjoy a relaxing yet exciting morning of anticipating your destination. Once you are at the airport, use the scratch card to reveal your magic code which in turn reveals your destination once entered into your dedicated webpage.


We were genuinely super excited to take this trip and we thoroughly enjoyed not having to plan every last detail (especially as the pair of us are control freaks). took us to Vienna, Austria and we had the best time. A lot of the things we found on our trip were by wandering around, something that we hadn’t really experienced before. We thoroughly recommend a trip and have to say that it was one of our favourite holidays to date!Β 


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You can also view our time in Vienna here!

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