4 Colourful Independent Online Shops

As you may or may not know, I’m from a retail background and have a great appreciation for quirky, independent gift shops! Here is a list of my absolute favourites.


Okla is the online edition of the Manchester Independent Shop, Oklahoma. It’s a one-stop shop for beautiful homewares, wrap, cards, kitchenware, jewellery and many other beautiful bits. Okla seek out quirky products from small makers and designers to big designers, which together make a beautiful selection of things that you MUST BUY. Oklahoma started in 1997!

Check out their Instagram here. 

If you want vibrant quirky gifts then this should be your go to website!

Here are my top 3 products:

1. Mrs Rose Coat Hook 


2. Flamingo Pink Phone 


3. AHJ x OKLA Yellow Knot Necklace 


All images are from www.okla.com 

2. Inside Store 

Recently rebranded Future & Found, now Inside Store has been running for 7 years with a focus on interiors and furniture. Inside Store products are from the best designers and makers. Products combine practicality and modern design.

Look out for their first wave of their own brand products next Spring.

Check out their Instagram here.

Here are my top 3 products:

1. Kaleido Trays


2. Attitude Mugs


3. Pair of Legs Ceramic Pots


All images are from www,insidestoreldn.com

3. Ohh Deer

Ohh Deer was founded by Jamie Mitchell and Marl Callaby in 2011. They’ve built an amazing shop with the heart of the business being focused on the shop being used as a platform for designers and illustrators. They’ve worked with the likes of ASOS, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters and many more.

Check out their Instagram here.

If you need greeting cards and stationery, Ohh Deer is the place to look! All products come with a dose of sense of humour.

Here are my top 3 products:

1. Battersea Party Dog Card 


2. Happy Anniversary Card 


3. Ohh Deer x Urban Outfitters Laurel Daily Planner


All images are from www.ohhdeer.com

4. Hannah Zakari

I’m sure many of you will have heard of powerhouse, Hannah Zakari an independent boutique based in Edinburgh with an accompanying online store. Founded by Rachael Griffiths, the shop specialises in products made by indie designers. These products range from acrylic necklaces, statement jewellery, patches, pins and affordable art. It’s an amazing curated space for fellow creatives to shop at!

Check out their Instagram here.

Rachael works closely with designers to create collaborations, that include products, packaging for the shop and window displays. I still remember the I Am Acrylic window display years ago!

Here are my top 3 products:

1. Mokuyobi Threads Orange Patch


2. Buried Diamond Fruit Charm Necklace


3. Aww Yeah Jiggly Buns Greeting


All images are from www.hannahzakari.co.uk

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