Why You Should Visit Dreamland, Margate

Last week I was kindly invited to the 2019 Dreamland, Margate press opening! Very exciting stuff, as I like to think of myself as a true Dreamland fan. As some of you may know already, we are actually having our elopement/wedding party at Dreamland later on this year.

If you have the next couple weeks off with the kids for Easter then you should definitely visit the park, it’s free to enter over Easter, it’s open 7 days a week and you only pay for rides, so you can peruse the park at your leisure (a real feast for the eyes!) And most importantly, the WORLD’S BIGGEST BOUNCY CASTLE is there over Easter too!

See my list below of rides and must dos for your day out in Dreamland:

1. Rides: The Big Wheel, Born Slippy, Gallopers, Pinball X & The Scenic Railway

Dreamland has lots of amazing rides, but here are some rides that I do not think you can miss: The Big Wheel (rainbow pods – yes please), Born Slippy (rainbow slides – they make for an excellent boomerang), Gallopers, Pinball X and The Scenic Railway (a rollercoaster I used to ride as a kid, which has now been refurbed).

2. Roller Room

To add to the retro feel of Dreamland, they’ve even added a super retro roller skating room. You should definitely check it out, regardless of being a skating expert or skating novice. I have to admit that I just clung to the side! You can even hire this out for parties.

3. World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle

Do I need to say anything more to convince you? Adults and children alike cannot resist a bouncy castle, especially the largest one in the world. Hurry though as it’s leaving on 22 April. For some perspective on why it’s the world’s biggest bouncy castle, its actually taller than the Great Wall of China and 3x size of the Berlin Wall.

Booking is recommended in advance, book here.

4. Street Food: Naughty Floss, Pizza and Fish & Chips

With so many street food choices, it was a tough call! But my big recommends would be pizza (they do vegan pizza too), fish & chips (because are you really at the seaside, if you haven’t got a handful of chips doused in salt and vinegar?) and Naughty Floss (they also do vegan candy floss). If none of these float your boat, then you can choose from burgers and hot dogs. Find out more about their food choices here.

5. Arcades

Hands up if you have a member of the family who is absolutely obsessed with 2p machines and claw machines? If so, definitely pop on by and have a go!

There’s lots of elements that I haven’t listed such as the Octopus Garden (a completely unique inside soft play centre for children), Ziggy’s Roof Top Bar (the name explains it all, a sun trap with beer!) and the many music events and festivals they hold over the year, you can find out more about their events here. 

Disclosure: Dreamland very kindly invited me to their press day for their Easter opening. As you all know I’m a big fan of Dreamland and was thrilled to be invited along. I’ll also be having my elopement/wedding party there later this year. 



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