The Ultimate Guide to Getting Married at Niagara Falls, Canada

So you’ve decided to elope? And now you’re thinking ‘Where the hell can I do this?’ For us we knew that we weren’t really Las Vegas people and didn’t really have an awareness of other elopement hotspots.

Organising the Elopement

As die-hard American ‘The Office’ fans, when re-watching the series for the 30th time (no exaggeration), we suddenly realised that lovebirds, Jim & Pam elope at Niagara Falls. A couple of Yahoo answers later, we’d found a bit of evidence to suggest that you could elope at Niagara Falls and it wasn’t just TV spin. Fast forward to a couple of months later, when we actually summoned the courage to look into the details, we happened across Hornblower Cruises who offered a number of wedding packages.

On closer inspection, it seemed we could quite reasonably get married on a boat right in front of the falls? And we thought, how on earth would somewhere match this place? So we went about booking the elopement. Hornblower Cruises were so helpful and took us through every step of the process, with all the optional ad ons for a typical wedding: cake, photographer, officiant, champagne etc. After deciding on our package (probably one of the more modest ones: no guests, 1 hour photography session, no cake etc.) we were put in touch with our lovely officiant, Debbie Van Dyke and photographer, Joshua Bellingham a.k.a the Canadian dream team to plan some of the finer details.


All photos taken by Joshua Bellingham 

What you can expect on the day

On the big day, we were greeted at the top of the Hornblower Cruises funicular (a small walk from the super kitschy town of Niagara Falls) by the Hornblower team, Debbie and Josh. We set about getting some photos with the falls behind us, and of course got many a stare and questioning look from tourists who had rightly so, just come to see the Niagara Falls. In hindsight, I didn’t help myself by wearing a rainbow sequin dress, but hey, life is short, wear the dress.

The whole ceremony was really quick, which saved us (two very self-conscious people) from having a lengthy ceremony in front of all the other people on the boat who were there for their ‘Voyage to the Falls’. Even though, everyone was super understanding!

If you’re looking into eloping then I’d definitely recommend getting married at Niagara Falls! A truly quirky experience, which ended up being typically us. Arcade games the night before and a trip to Ripley’s Believe it or Not straight after the wedding.

The details

Wedding package, with elopement, officiant and photography services provided by Hornblower Cruises
All photographs were taken by the hugely talented, Joshua Bellingham
Our lovely officiant, Debbie Van Dyke is a part of
Cathy Davis Wedding Company

Want to see some more scenes from behind our day? Check out my IGTV on our trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls 


All photos taken by Joshua Bellingham


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