A Colourful Guide to South Korea

South Korea the home of BTS and all things beauty. Like many others, South Korea has been at the top of our travel bucket list ever since visiting Japan 2 years ago. So without further ado, here is my colourful guide to South Korea:



If you’ve ever looked into visiting South Korea, it is safe to say you will have heard of Myeungdong. Covered in a tonne of Korean street food stalls, along with a selection of the biggest beauty names in Korea (InnisFree & Etude House), Myeungdong is the ideal place to start your South Korean tour. Other must-dos are visiting kawaii cartoon shop, Line Friends and the StyleNanda Pink Pool Cafe


Hongdae is the urban arty culture hub of South Korea. As a university town, Hongdae is full of quirky cafes, shops and experiences. Don’t miss out on the most delicious toasted egg sandwiches at Egg Drop (choose from Mr Egg, Avo Holic, Sweet Ham Cheese or Teriyaki BBQ – I had a Mr Egg and it was AMAZING).

Another stand out was the Racoon & Corgi Cafe. Imagine a cafe full of chubby corgis and racoons? Your dream, right? The staff and animals have so much love for each other, which was really reassuring to see.

And last but not least, the super cool Zapangi Cafe slightly outside of Hongdae in the outskirts of Mapo-Gu. Zapangi is a trendy cafe that has a vending machine door to get in and out of the building. Choose from sweet treats such as ‘Cake in a Tin’, Decorative Ice Cream, Strawberry Milk Tea and special desserts.

Ihwa-Dong Cultural Village

Ihwa-Dong is a cool cultural village in the Jongno-Gu area. I’m pre-warning you that the walk is steep, but is definitely worth it, as you find yourself fully immersed in a technicolour mural world. If I’m being 100% honest, if you have the chance to visit Gamcheon Cultural Village outside of the city in Busan then visit Gamcheon over Ihwa-Dong.


Insadong is a place that you must visit on your trip to Korea, full of Korean eateries, teahouses & traditional goods shops (selling tea, paper goods & pottery). If you are looking for a bit of a traditional take on South Korea, then I’d definitely recommend it.

Hanbok Rental & Gallery Area 

Another for those who want a traditional Korean experience, visit the Dongnam-Gu area to view quirky galleries, such as Arario Gallery & MMCA Seoul. Alternatively, search the local palace area to rent a *hanbok.

*A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress for formal occasions and celebrations

See our photos below of our time in South Korea and below for our guide to Busan as well.


Gamcheon Cultural Village

Easily the highlight of Busan, a colourful splash of buildings, painted murals, cafes and shops. Ever wanted to try a rainbow drop cake? If so, this is the place to go. Easily in my top things to do in Korea! A short train ride on the KTX (bullet train).

Non-Tourist Beach Dadaedong

Many choose to visit the touristy beaches of Busan, such as Haeundae Beach or Gwangali Beach. We actually happened to be closer to a non-tourist beach in Dadaedong after our excursion to Gamcheon. It was a beautiful quiet beach!

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