How to Dress Confidently in Colour

The way that you dress yourself and the fashion you buy will always be entwined with your identity. It is said that dressing colourfully is proven to make people happier, and this is certainly the case with me. People like me, who have a wardrobe full of colour, choose to use their clothes to express their mood or interests. Here is my guide to dressing colourfully confidently:


Have you ever tried colour blocking your outfits? Colour blocking uses different colours to create a bold look. As well as being on trend, colour blocking can also be really flattering! With colour blocking there tends to be three trails of thought: use similar colours to block with i.e pink & red; do monochrome colour blocking or use contrasting tones i.e blue & orange or purple & yellow.

Not 100% sure on colour blocking? Why not start with a bold coat?

Looking for inspiration? I love brands like Gorman, Harkel Clothing and Monki.


When wearing a lot of colour, I try to keep things neutral with accessories as it means they can go with multiple outfits. Say you’re wearing a bright pink coat the colour of a highlighter pen? You are going to be pretty limited when it comes to having coloured items to go with this. So a black bag or hat is the perfect accompaniment!

Some brands I love to go to for simple but beautiful accessories are: Gaston Luga and John Lewis. Are you looking for an accessory to go with your colourful items? Why not check out Gaston Luga for 15% off with code BECCAAAA

I by no means consider myself a fashion blogger but am definitely a pioneer of feeling confident in your own skin! Let me know if you have any colourful dressing tips as well.

Disclosure: Gaston Luga kindly gifted me the Clässy Black Backpack as part of a collaboration. 

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