Our Wedding Party at Dreamland Margate, UK

Getting married was a crazy part of 2019. Determined to go against the normal wedding status quo, we eloped on our own in Niagara Falls on a boat for £500 and travelled Asia for the next two months. We knew we had to keep with some tradition and decided to host a wedding party one week after our return at Dreamland Margate.

When looking at local wedding venues in Kent, they appeared to be priced highly for not a lot, as we weren’t looked for a ceremony, we decided to open our search for a Lewis-and-Becca themed venue. We’re both a bit quirky and offbeat and it made sense that our wedding party venue matched.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dreamland since I was a kid, I have fond memories of trying and failing to walk on some rope ladder contraption to win a multi-coloured beaded necklace (somethings never change), seems like I found the dress version of this necklace with my Rixo wedding dress. As we hadn’t seen the venue actually take on any weddings, like anyone would be, we were slightly concerned. Although we soon saw the potential and knew our event planning expertise (MINE!) would be able to see this project through. The only slight issue was the subject of travelling, as we needed to ensure all planning was in place before setting off on our big adventure. As a big fan of ‘Gantt Charts’, I knew this was the appropriate time to put one together! When planning our food and other parts of the party, we noticed that by branding our celebration as a party rather than a wedding, saved us a fair bit of money. We also decided to side-step a number of traditional elements due to the awkwardness that formality can create.


Starting the day at Margate Old Town

We started the day with a trip around Margate old town with local Ramsgate Photographer, Rebecca Douglas. She’s immensely talented and knew all the best spots in Margate. I did have to apologise her several times, as I did act a little like a bridezilla when I became self-conscious and did not want any other photos (I really should’ve realised that your own wedding involves several photographs being taken of the bride). We even stopped by my favourite colourful Margate shop, Little Bit Margate. We then moved onto to our central meeting place for guests, the Cinque Ports Pub at the front of Dreamland Margate. We met here to guide everyone through the park, as we didn’t want any lost sheep scenarios.

Reception party at the Beach Huts

After careful consideration, we realised that it’d be a real shame to waste the park for our celebration and decided to host our pre-party at the top of the park at the Beach Huts. We began the party with light refreshments including Welsh Rarebit, Mozzarella Lollipops, Smoked Salmon and Mini Yorkshires with Horseradish Beef. We didn’t dress up the area much, but did enlist the help of local Ramsgate-based balloon company, Big Party Store for rainbow balloons. Less-abled members of our family were able to look out towards the park and see everything that was going on. It was also amazingly timed as the day was a ‘Doggy Day Out’ at the park (literally my dream).  After having some nibbles and drinks, those who were able, continued to the Scenic Railway rollercoaster, where the entire party boarded the ride in two goes. This was a really special part of the day and I’d certainly forgotten how fast the ride was! After this, we moved onto the main party where the remainder of our friends joined us for a ‘Chippy Tea’. All food was provided in-house by Dreamland.

Evening party in the Ballroom

When we moved through to the Ballroom for our evening do, we were greeted by the most colourful confetti room decorated by the wonderful Wedding Decorating Expert, Rachel Emma Studio. As a crafty person, I knew exactly what I wanted but felt that Rachel’s execution was second to none. Her creativity AMAZES me! We also had a Photo Booth from local, InstaBox. Guests were greeted by a sign that read ‘Where is my seat? Please feel free to sit wherever’, as there was no way we were getting into seating plan politics. We gave each attendee a wedding favour, a little stick of rock with our initials and had Fish’N’Chips for dinner (or vegan/gluten free sausage and chips). We had our elopement pictures projected on a screen and had our DJ, DiscoWed playing a couple of tunes. The most special part of the room had to be our doughnut stand, which read ‘GO NUTS FOR DOUGHNUTS’ and was filled to the brim with tasty Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we also had vegan/gluten free doughnuts made by local Seaside Cake Parlour. I must admit that the rest of the evening is a bit foggy for me, but I do remember forgetting the steps of the Macarena, so it must’ve been a good night!

Throughout the event, the staff were incredibly kind and reassuring! A shout out to their Beverage Manager, Jasmine and Event Manager, Jake. I’m an incredibly anal/Type A person and they were very kind to me. 

If you’re considering somewhere in Kent for your wedding, then I’d definitely recommend checking out Dreamland Margate. It’s fun, nostalgic and colourful! What more could you want?

All photos were taken by Rebecca Douglas Photography 

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