Living in Colour

As we’re all spending a great deal of time at home at the moment, I thought it’d be great to show you around our colourful little home and explain how you can inject more colour into your home as well. We did have it on the market at the beginning of the year, but with the COVID-19 outbreak, it looks like we’re going to be living here for the foreseeable. 

Disclosure: Denys and Fielding kindly gifted me the pink floor cushion. The post does include other gifted items from BloomBox Club and Newgate World


The majority of my decor is multicoloured, so I find it best to keep the walls plain and neutral to avoid too much clashing. For most of my rooms I try to have colour schemes, my bathroom is mainly orange, the bedroom is based around autumnal tones, the kitchen is blue and the hallway is green. I don’t always do this though, as both my living room and office have neutral walls and lots of multicoloured decor. I have to say that my living room is my favourite room as it features some great pieces, like my shark MADE chair, my prints from Ohh Deer, Evermade, Okla and Andy Tuohy and even a gorgeous floor cushion from Denys and Fielding.


Embracing colour doesn’t have to be hard, living colourfully can be great, as colours are known to evoke emotion and can have a real affect on your mood. If colour in the home scares you, then why not add a pop of colour with a bright coloured cushion or candle? A small pop of colour can make a big difference to a room. 


I have a list of places that never fail me when looking for colourful bits and bobs, some of my favourites include: Ohh Deer, Okla, WA Green, MADE, Ikea, Paperchase, Denys and Fielding and a bunch of other lovely independent makers, that sell anything from prints to soft furnishings. Adding plants to your space is another great way of adding colour to your home, check out Bloombox Club for a selection of lovely plants. 


I follow a lot of lovely bloggers, who have wonderful colourful homes and are great to follow for home inspiration.
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  1. I love your home and that you, me and tea mug is so cute too! I really want to add colour to my home i’ll be definitely taking these tips onboard!

  2. This is exactly my style. I’m finally having a refresh after ten years of other small distractions like a house renovation, wedding and two kids 😂 so finally have a little bit more time to slowly make some nice changes Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. When we moved into our new home I planned to put so much colour into our space, but it never really happened. It’s ended up being bright white with lots of pops of colour, but overall it still feels mainly white. I’d love to put some more colour in but I’m not really sure how!

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